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Total Concrete’s Guide to Concrete Maintenance & Care [infographic]

Total Concrete’s Guide to Concrete Maintenance & Care [infographic]

concrete maintenance guide

Starting a construction project in your home or business property? Then you’ll know first hand how stressful it can be. Organising materials, contacting professional companies for various parts of the project, the list goes on and on. Once the project is completed, you can finally put your feet up and rest, enjoying the fruits of your labour. However, like a lot of surfaces, concrete needs care and maintenance to ensure that it is always looking its best. That’s why we’ve created this guide to talk about the best ways to maintain your concrete surface.

Concrete floors

For domestic properties, where only light foot traffic occurs, a simple cleaning routine of sweeping, mopping and a coat of floor wax will keep your floor looking pristine.

Use a concrete sealer to protect your floor. A lot of these sealers will leave a film behind that protects the floor from dirt and dust.

Polished Concrete

Luckily, polished concrete doesn’t need excessive care to remain shiny and clean. Using a mop or scrubber, apply surface-specific cleaning products that keep the surface clean and also leave a dirt-resistant layer behind.

Use only ph-neutral cleaning products. If it’s too acid or too alkaline, you can damage your floor!

Dust your floor on a daily basis with a microfibre pad – this stops dirt gathering on the surface which can be abrasive.

If you discover any stains, try and remove them as quickly as possible – if you leave them for too long, they might be absorbed into the surface.

Concrete Driveways

Regular cleaning is highly recommended, as well as re-applying sealant when necessary. The frequency of the cleans will depend on the weather the concrete experiences and the amount of vehicle traffic it endures.

A good rule of thumb is to reseal your concrete driveway once every two years.

Hardware stores stock a range of excellent sealers, but if you are still unsure, ask your contractor for their recommendations.

If you discover any stains, remove them immediately. You can do this using a pressure washer or specific cleaning chemicals.

General Tips

As attractive as they are, sawcut patterns are a haven for dirt and dust, thanks to the cuts in the surface. Avoid them where possible!

A sealer is a must-have for all non-polished surfaces.

In areas where foot traffic is heavy, such as a bustling shopping centre or a commercial premises, use floor mats where possible to minimise wear and tear.

Ask your contractor for a recommended maintenance schedule and try and follow it as best you can.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can look after your concrete floor, keeping it looking good for years on end. But before you can look after a concrete floor, you need someone to pump the concrete in. That’s where Total Concrete can help. We provide a range of concrete services, including pumping, for customers throughout Surrey and Hampshire. Get in touch with us today to find out more.