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What is Reinforced Concrete and How Should it Be Used?

What is Reinforced Concrete and How Should it Be Used?

Reinforced concrete mixes are great for heavy-duty constructions, and are the ideal choice for when steel reinforcements are to be incorporated. But what is this type of concrete, and what should it be used for? In this article, we’ll explain. 

What is a reinforced concrete mix?

A reinforced concrete mix is a specialist type of concrete which is much stronger than its plain counterpart. It is used in applications which are required to withstand more than the average construction tends to, for example, extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, vibrations and other forces. The invention of reinforced concrete was revolutionary, and allowed constructions to become more advanced than ever before.

What’s the difference between this and reinforced concrete?

Reinforced concrete is made with standard concrete that has been strengthened with steel. The way that the steel is embedded means that it acts alongside the concrete, with them both acting as resisting forces. The stresses encountered by the concrete are absorbed by the reinforcing steel bars, rods or mesh. The tensile strength of steel – its resistance to breaking under tension – is what allows this to happen so effectively.

What type of reinforcing should you use?

Concrete can be reinforced with different types of fibres depending on what it is going to be used for.

Polypropylene fibres can be dispersed throughout concrete during the mixing process, increasing strength and durability. This can be used in domestic, agricultural and light commercial jobs.

Advanced polypropylene fibre concrete combines fine and coarse fibres, enhancing the performance level of the concrete even more, increasing its strength and allowing it to contain more steel reinforcement. This is often used for things like internal and industrial floors, car parks, airports and bridges.

Steel fibre concrete provides the ultimate performance level and can withstand intense stress. In its hardened state it can resist damage from heavy impact and is unlikely to crack.

The advantages of reinforced concrete

A reinforced concrete mix can bring many benefits other than the obvious element of added strength. The reinforcement will make your concrete more durable so that will last longer and be less likely to succumb to the elements due to higher impact- and abrasion-resistance. It will also reduce the likelihood of plastic cracking, and there is no need for crack-controlling wire mesh – in turn, this means that labour and material costs are lowered. 

Where to buy reinforced concrete

Reinforced concrete is a specialist material used for heavy-duty applications which is why it’s important to source the best quality mix possible. You should go to a reputable concrete supplier, accredited where possible, that you can trust for a great product at a great price. Here at Total Concrete, we provide top-quality reinforced concrete for those who need high strength materials, whatever the size or scale of your project.

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