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Our Fleet

The Total Concrete fleet keeps concrete flowing throughout Surrey, Berkshire, Middlesex Hampshire and South West London.

Our fleet is made up of over 20 concrete trucks. With everything from traditional drum mixers to modern volumetric trucks — plus our range of concrete pump trucks — we can cover all your concrete needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of our modern fleet.

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Concrete Drum Mixers

Our drum mixers transport batches of ready mix concrete and screeds direct to your worksite. We mix the concrete at our state-of-the-art batching plant, then keep it agitated in our drum mixer while we make our way to you.

The drum mixer is the go-to truck for any size pour, but they particularly come into their own for larger pours and specialty mixes. Because our trucks come with the latest fleet management software installed, we know when a truck has almost finished its pour. That means, if there are further pours at that site, we can get the next one ready on time, every time.

Concrete Volumetric Mixers

The ultra-modern volumetric truck acts as a mobile batching plant, meaning you can tweak the concrete mix when we get to you, directly on site. If the nature of the pour has changed, or you want to make last-minute changes to the strength of the concrete, we can handle that for you.

Thanks to the on-board computer system, we ensure every mix is proportioned with precision. As with our drum mixers, our volumetric trucks have the latest fleet management software built in, so we know where our trucks are and their capacity at any given time.

Concrete Pumping Trucks

We use Schwing Stetter pumps to handle any and all concrete pumping jobs for our customers. Schwing Stetter pumps are known for their reliability and expert build quality, so they are a perfect fit for the Total Concrete fleet.

Our pump trucks include; concrete boom pumps and concrete line pumps.

Concrete Boom Pumps

These trucks use a large, remote-operated arm (or boom) to pump concrete vertically, or up and over a building/structure. Boom pumps are also very useful when pouring large amounts of concrete into reinforced concrete slabs, eliminating the need for misplacing reinforcing steel.

For pour sites located multiple storeys high, a boom pump is by far the most efficient way to get the concrete in place with speed and precision.

Concrete Line Pumps

Forget the wheelbarrows, our line pumps can pump concrete across large, obstacle-ridden pour sites with ease.

Whether there’s no clear path through for manual transportation, or a pour site is located in a basement, a line pump can traverse tight, awkward routes without any hassle.

The size and versatility of the Total Concrete fleet means we can handle jobs of any size or scale. From large scale technical specification concrete pours to DIY projects , we have all the equipment, expertise and skilled knowledgeable staff to get the job done to the highest possible standards.

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