Volumetric Concrete

Traditional methods of concrete delivery involve you estimating exactly how much concrete you require, which often results in miscalculated amounts being delivered and so money being wasted. But when you use Total Concrete, our volumetric mixing methods mean the frustrating and often expensive task of estimating concrete amounts is now an avoidable one!

We mix our concrete on-site, meaning you will get the exact amount you require – with no fuss, no waste and no mess. On-site mixing eliminates the risk of over or under ordering, saving you time, money and effort. Our innovative volumetric mixing trucks can deliver a huge variety of concrete strengths and will come directly to your site and mix the exact ratio you require, whether you are undertaking a small domestic project or a large commercial one.

Here at Total Concrete, we only use the most superior standard of concrete, ensuring you will never be let down by our products or our service. We aim to deliver a convenient, reliable, affordable service throughout Woking and the wider Surrey area, and are proud of the reputation we have garnered through doing so. So contact the experts at Total Concrete today and find out how we can be of benefit to you!