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Boom Pumps

An easy way to transport concrete to hard-to-reach places

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Concrete Boom Pumps

If you’ve ever undertaken a construction project, whether it’s a DIY job or something in your line of work, you’ll be familiar with the time and effort it can take to move concrete to the right places on a construction site.

It can be difficult to move concrete anywhere simply using a wheelbarrow and manual labour, but when you need to transport concrete to higher ground or hard-to-reach places, that difficult task becomes borderline impossible. Luckily, Total Concrete’s boom pump service is here to help.

Boom pumps are perfect for a number of situations:

  • Where concrete is needed up a flight of stairs
  • If there’s no access through or around an obstacle for a ground pump (e.g. to the back gardens of a row of terraced houses)
  • Where concrete is needed on the other side of a high wall
  • Where terrain is particularly uneven, such as gardens
  • If there are plants or decorative items in the way that cannot be damaged

How does a Concrete Boom Pump work?

Using remote-controlled arms attached to our pumping trucks, we can pump concrete over homes, around corners and up stairs without breaking a sweat. Our boom pumps extend over 28 metres – we may even be able to extend our reach – meaning that even large homes won’t obstruct the transportation of your concrete.

Consider, for example, that you live in a terraced house and you need concrete for something in your back garden – a pumping truck can’t get behind your property, and there are no gaps for a ground pump to sneak through. A boom pump can reach over your home, right into the exact spot where your concrete is required, and deliver the perfect mix into the perfect position with ease.

The up-and-over nature of our boom pumps does not hamper the efficiency of the process, either – your concrete will be put in place quickly, and the process is just as clean as ground pumping – maximum speed, minimal cleanup!

Total Concrete are a trusted provider of concrete and concrete pumping services for customers throughout Woking, Guildford, Surrey and the surrounding areas. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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