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Concrete Calculator – Find How Much Concrete You Need

Concrete Calculator – Find How Much Concrete You Need

At Total Concrete, we believe you should only pay for the concrete you need. Our concrete calculator works out the exact amount of concrete required for your project, so you’ll never overpay for excess product.

And because we mix the concrete directly on site, we can tailor the amount or strength of concrete to meet the needs of any evolving project. You’ll receive the freshest, highest-quality concrete right on your doorstep — and it’s all delivered the very next day.

Concrete Calculator from Total Concrete

If you know how much concrete you need, use our booking form, or give us a call on 0800 859 5371 .

Not sure how much concrete you need? Use our concrete calculator below!

Discover how much value you can get from Total Concrete.

The Concrete Calculator

It all begins with our calculator. Simply enter the length, width and depth of the area to be filled and receive your free quote for the exact amount of concrete needed.

We’ve programmed our calculator to give a precise calculation to the nearest m³. While many of our competitors will only offer concrete in units of 5m³ or 10m³, we provide exact amounts so that no product goes to waste.

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or call us on 0800 859 5371

Next-Day Concrete Delivery

Once the amount has been calculated and you’ve received your quote, you can book delivery for the very next day. We’ll visit your site and mix the concrete then and there, giving you the freshest product, tailored to perfection.

Of course, you can also collect your concrete if you’d prefer. Builders can collect a small volume of concrete the very same day from our brand new concrete plant in Woking. We’ll prepare the concrete and pour it directly into your flatbed, ready for you to transport and pour as soon as you return to your worksite.

Our Concrete Plant in Woking

We’ve opened a state-of-the-art concrete plant in Woking to provide even greater service to our customers.

The concrete plant has given us the capability to produce a wide range of specialty concrete mixes, including sulfate-resisting concrete and hydrocarbon-resisting concrete. Supplying specialty concrete mixes allows us to support a wider range of projects across the region.

Concrete testing lab

The facility also enables us to mix large volumes of concrete quickly, which means quicker turnaround times for you. All our concrete can be collected from our plant on the same day as ordering or delivered directly to you the next day.

You, the customer

We deliver ready-mixed and on-site concrete to domestic and commercial clients across Surrey. Our selection of concrete mixes means we have suitable products for any application.

Perfect for domestic projects, including:

And a range of commercial projects, including:

No matter your project, we have the concrete you need. The perfect batch. The perfect amount. The perfect result.

If you’re interested in our domestic concrete or commercial concrete, check out our free concrete calculator to receive your free quote. Simply enter the dimensions of the area that needs filling and find out how much concrete you need. For any further enquiries, please contact the Total Concrete team.