Recent Projects

Ryan Holder

This job involved use of our new S28X boom pump, which enabled the safe and easy placing of concrete. The contractor required the concrete foundations to be placed in one pour, and by using the boom pump, he could place the concrete in multiple trenches throughout the site, without risk of the trenches collapsing.

Our volumetric mixers offer complete flexibility. It is not always possible to work out the exact quantity of concrete required, sometimes because of a variety of factors: service ducts, multiple variations in trench sizes, soft of uneven trench walls, etc. This particular project involved the use of four of our state of the art volumetric concrete mixers.

A B Piling

The customer required multiple concrete strengths and mix designs. Our volumetric mixers are fitted with onboard computers that enable the operator to change the concrete mix design within minutes, allowing for minor adjustments as the mix is being created. This saves a huge amount of time in both mixing and delivery.

A J Hall

This pour required the use of our concrete line pump - the pour was below ground level and the concrete could not be poured using conventional methods.

By using a line pump, the customer was easily able to place concrete in multiple locations over the new basement/foundations.

Pouring concrete over steel reinforcement requires careful attention so as not to disturb the steel mesh. Using a line pump enables the contractor to pour concrete in precise locations in a way that does not affect the new steel reinforcement.

Private Customer

Concrete was required for the building of a two-storey home extension, with one caveat being the lack of access to the rear of the property.

Using our boom pump solved this issue. We were easily able to pump the concrete right over the customer's property. It’s a fast, relatively inexpensive and safe way to place concrete in hard to reach places. The concrete was poured precisely to exactly where it was needed, with minimum hassle.

When used in conjunction with our volumetric concrete trucks, the customer can tailor his concrete to suit the conditions and engineers specifications.