Preparing For Your Concrete

How To Prepare For Your Concrete

Screed – What is it and how is it different from concrete?


If you’re undertaking a construction project, having the right type and amount of materials is necessary if you’re going to avoid setbacks that can delay the completion of the work. Concrete is synonymous with construction, but screed is less well known outside of the industry, but nevertheless it can be a very important aspect of […]

New Batching Plant Announcement

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With the purchase and commissioning of our new batching plant, we are now able to offer a much wider range of concrete types and strengths, as well as custom mix designs. It increases the overall daily delivery capacity of the company by 100%, meaning we can now batch and deliver up to 500m3 per day […]

What is Concrete Pumping and How Does it Work?

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When you’re undertaking a construction project, it’s crucial that you manage time correctly, and no labour or time is used up unnecessarily. Concrete pumping is a vital element of any project involving the material, as it moves the mix around far, far quicker than any human pushing a wheelbarrow could – no matter how fast […]

The Different Types of Concrete and Their Strengths

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If you haven’t worked with concrete before, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there was only one type of concrete, used for all applications and projects. However, concrete is a material with many types and sub-types, each one designed for usage in different applications. Whether you’re laying a patio in your garden or you’re thinking […]

How To Lay A Patio

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If you’re thinking of giving your garden a facelift, you’ll struggle to find a better addition to your backyard than a patio. If you’ve been in a garden with a patio before, you’ll know that it provides a number of benefits, from the aesthetic improvements to making a space for seating, socialising and barbecuing. However, […]

Types of Concrete Pumps and Their Applications

Concrete pumps are incredibly useful, eliminating a lot of time that is otherwise spent moving heavy loads back and forth to different areas of construction sites. The large numbers in which concrete pumping services are used is testament to the efficacy and efficiency of the systems. As all construction projects are different, there are a […]

Total Concrete’s Guide to Concrete Maintenance & Care [infographic]


Starting a construction project in your home or business property? Then you’ll know first hand how stressful it can be. Organising materials, contacting professional companies for various parts of the project, the list goes on and on. Once the project is completed, you can finally put your feet up and rest, enjoying the fruits of […]

Pouring Concrete In Cold Weather

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Pouring concrete is a task undertaken by professionals and DIY enthusiasts around the world during a construction project. It is a vital part of the process, and it must be done correctly to ensure that the finished product is safe. However, during certain times of the year and in certain areas of the world, the […]


Welcome Total Concrete would like to give you a warm welcome to our new blog page. Here, we will be posting both handy tips for our customers and top news from the industry, helping our readers stay up-to-date with the world of concrete. Check back soon to see our very first article, but in the […]