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Preparing For Your Concrete Delivery

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If you’ve arranged a concrete delivery, then you’ll need to be sure that your site is ready for receipt of your concrete.

Due to the size of the trucks and the processes involved in delivering, offloading and pumping concrete, access to a site needs to be as easy as possible to avoid delays and problems. Here, the team at Total Concrete are going to run through what you can do to make your concrete delivery easier, more efficient and faster.

Before the concrete arrives

Clear Access

When you’ve arranged the date for your concrete delivery, you can then start to plan how to make access as easy as possible for the trucks and equipment to be positioned correctly. Remove vehicles and obstacles from your driveway – this will allow the delivery truck to get closer to the necessary location.

Having a clear entrance or space outside your property means there’s space for equipment to be set up – things like concrete pumps are designed to work where access is limited, but anything you can do to make things a little easier will be a significant help.

Concrete on a work site

Get staff ready

Make sure any staff you have are prepared for the delivery. This means they need to be wearing the correct clothing and be aware of their respective tasks and responsibilities. This will make the project safer, more efficient and minimise the chance of delays.

Be sure to check the weather forecast beforehand, too, as the weather can play a crucial part in the efficiency of the project, and it helps to be prepared in the event of a sudden downpour, for example.

Let the neighbours know

If possible, perhaps inform neighbours of your impending delivery and ask if they can move their vehicles if they are making access a little tricky – narrow streets with cars parked on either sides are particularly susceptible to this. Advising your neighbours that you’re expecting a concrete delivery is also a good idea simply because they’ll know in advance that concrete trucks will be approaching, which means they won’t be surprised by the work.

On site preparations

Get the site ready

In terms of practical on-site preparations, there are a number of things you can do to help. Preparing the ground where the concrete is going to be poured is key – make sure it’s level and any debris is removed in advance. Where framework is in place, make sure it is strong enough to support the concrete that is to be used. A groundsheet will be useful to help protect driveways from concrete splashes.

Concrete on a work site

Make sure you’ve got the right equipment

If you’re in possession of tools for the job at hand, or any equipment that will make the concrete delivery/pouring easier, be sure to have them ready. Because of the efficiency of a concrete pumping service, wheelbarrows aren’t as crucial as they once were, but things like levelling tools are important and should be readily available where possible.

When the concrete is delivered

Once the concrete is delivered and the work is underway, there’s little in the way of preparation left. The team delivering and pouring your concrete might need a little help with certain tasks, though – so if you are prepared to take on minor jobs to keep the project running smoothly, that will be appreciated.

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Take the right health & Safety precautions:

Be sure that anyone present who will be involved in the project is aware of the appropriate health and safety procedures and is in possession of the correct equipment and clothing. This includes:

  • Sturdy footwear
  • Thick clothing or overalls
  • Protective gloves
  • Knee pads or impermeable mat, if kneeling on concrete, screed or mortar is required
  • Long trousers

In terms of health and safety procedures, be sure to avoid direct contact between skin and concrete as this can damage the skin – this includes kneeling on concrete, screed or mortar without kneepads or a suitable mat. Avoid inhaling concrete dust if possible – protective masks will help with this.

Protective clothing to where when pouring concrete
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