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Concrete Curing Guide

Waterproof concrete

Concrete doesn’t reach its full strength overnight. Say you’ve just laid a new driveway and waited a few hours for it to set: immediately parking a car on it will damage the concrete. It won’t be strong enough yet. Concrete needs to be cured to reach its full strength. The curing process takes time, but […]

Concrete Pricing Guide

If you’ve ever tried to purchase concrete before, you’ve probably noticed that prices vary between mixes and suppliers. This isn’t done to confuse people; it is simply a result of a wide range of variables that impact the final price of a concrete mix. In this article, the Total Concrete team will discuss some of […]

The Benefits of Hydrocarbon-Resistant Concrete

When constructing, developing or redeveloping a premises where fuels are present, it’s important to plan ahead for the specific hazards and implications of your build site and those particular fuels. When concrete is involved, you need to take steps to avoid exposure to harmful elements which could cause premature wearing, erosion and weakening. In this […]

Concrete Slump Tests – Measuring the Workability of Concrete

Concrete slump tests are a routine procedure carried out on a fresh concrete mix to determine its consistency before it is poured. The test is incredibly simple and is a great, quick method to check that multiple batches of the same concrete are consistent. Let’s take a look at the concrete slump test in more […]

The Benefits of Sulphate-Resisting Concrete

Concrete collection

Despite the durable nature of concrete, there are some environments where concrete is at risk to deterioration and damage. In underground construction — such as tunnelling — sulphates are a common source of the ongoing degradation of concrete. Often found in polluted groundwater, sulphates can rapidly weaken concrete, sabotaging its structural integrity and overall lifespan. […]

How To Avoid Accidents When Pouring Concrete

Case study photo

A construction project is a combination of a lot of moving parts, often featuring various types of machinery and heavy loads. Whether it’s your first construction project or you’ve done countless ones before, the safety risks are always there, and if you don’t take the proper precautions, you run the risk of injury and damage […]

Preparing For Your Concrete

How To Prepare For Your Concrete

New Batching Plant Announcement

Concrete suppliers

With the purchase and commissioning of our new batching plant, we are now able to offer a much wider range of concrete types and strengths, as well as custom mix designs. It increases the overall daily delivery capacity of the company by 100%, meaning we can now batch and deliver up to 500m3 per day […]

The Different Types of Concrete and Their Strengths

Concrete suppliers

If you haven’t worked with concrete before, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there was only one type of concrete, used for all applications and projects. However, concrete is a material with many types and sub-types, each one designed for usage in different applications. Whether you’re laying a patio in your garden or you’re thinking […]

Types of Concrete Pumps and Their Applications

Concrete pump hire

Concrete pumps are incredibly useful, eliminating a lot of time that is otherwise spent moving heavy loads back and forth to different areas of construction sites. The large numbers in which concrete pumping services are used is testament to the efficacy and efficiency of the systems. As all construction projects are different, there are a […]