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Concrete Calculator – Find How Much Concrete You Need

At Total Concrete, we believe you should only pay for the concrete you need. Our concrete calculator works out the exact amount of concrete required for your project, so you’ll never overpay for excess product. And because we mix the concrete directly on site, we can tailor the amount or strength of concrete to meet […]

Finding Your Next Concrete Supplier

Whether it’s your first time ordering concrete from a supplier, you’ve decided to switch supplier or you’re in a new area and want to find the right concrete supplier, there are a number of things you can do. You’ll want to find a reliable, reputable company and so this month we’ve put together a few […]

Total Concrete Awarded QSRMC Certification!

Established in 1984, the Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete was created to act as a seal of quality for the design, production and supply of ready mixed concrete across the UK. Governed by a board of high-ranking industry professionals who represent all facets of the construction industry, the QSRMC is truly one of the […]

Coronavirus Update

The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority so we would like to keep you informed on the steps we are taking to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Please rest assured that it’s business as usual at Total Concrete and all deliveries are continuing to run smoothly. If a member of our […]

What is Reinforced Concrete and How Should it Be Used?

Everything You Need to Know About Screed

Reinforced concrete mixes are great for heavy-duty constructions, and are the ideal choice for when steel reinforcements are to be incorporated. But what is this type of concrete, and what should it be used for? In this article, we’ll explain.  What is a reinforced concrete mix? A reinforced concrete mix is a specialist type of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Screed

Everything You Need to Know About Screed

All of the terminology surrounding concrete and its different varieties can cause confusion surrounding the varying properties and benefits of each type, leaving you wondering what is the best option for your project. In this article we’ll be focusing on screed – what is it, and how is it different to concrete?  What is screed? […]

What Is Meant By ‘concrete slump’ & Why Does It Matter?

On-Site Mixed Concrete

There are several different types of concrete and it is important to know whether the one you are using is right for the job. One thing to take into consideration here is the ‘slump’ of the concrete – read on to find out more about what this is and how it affects your work. What […]

The Benefits of Waterproof Concrete

The Benefits of Waterproof Concrete

What is waterproof concrete? When it comes to the different types of concrete available, it can be hard to know which features are necessary. In this article, we take you through the attributes of waterproof concrete and why it can be so important to ensure high quality work. Isn’t concrete already waterproof? Normal concrete is […]

A Guide to Rapid-set Concrete

premix concrete

At Total Concrete, we supply a wide range of specialty concrete mixes to suit any construction application. Specialty mixes are designed to suit specific project requirements. For some building applications, it might be necessary to use a concrete mix which hardens more quickly than standard ready mixes. This type of concrete is called rapid-set concrete, […]

Concrete Curing Guide

Waterproof concrete

Concrete doesn’t reach its full strength overnight. Say you’ve just laid a new driveway and waited a few hours for it to set: immediately parking a car on it will damage the concrete. It won’t be strong enough yet. Concrete needs to be cured to reach its full strength. The curing process takes time, but […]