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How to Seal a Concrete Floor

How to seal a concrete floor

Sealing a concrete floor is a crucial step towards ensuring it remains strong and in great condition for years to come. There are a plethora of benefits to using sealer on concrete — and it’s almost effortless to apply. So, what are you waiting for? Start applying sealer to your concrete floor today. Check out […]

Is Green Concrete Eco-Friendly?

Is green concrete eco-friendly?

The world is becoming greener each day — and concrete is no exception. Researchers at various universities are finding new ways to develop concrete in line with our global mission to reduce greenhouse gases and protect the environment. While not truly green by colour, green concrete is still set to make a splash in the […]

How to Prevent Concrete Cancer in Buildings

What is Concrete Cancer?

Concrete cancer is a generally unknown term, but it can have serious consequences for the structural integrity of a building. If the signs of concrete cancer aren’t spotted and subsequently addressed, the walls of the building could quite literally crumble to the ground. In this article, we explore everything you need to know about concrete […]

How Do Traffic Lights Work?

Sensors on Traffic Lights

Have you ever wondered how traffic lights detect the inflow of traffic? You may not have spotted them, but sensors are used by traffic lights to detect the presence of vehicles at specific points, as well as to measure and monitor the volume of traffic. In this article, we explain what the different sensors are […]

How to Install Concrete Fence Posts

How to Install Concrete Fence Posts

Concrete is the perfect material to use for fence posts. Not only is it strong and durable, but it’s also easy to install. If you’re in the mood for some DIY, consider installing concrete fence posts for your garden. In this article, we guide you through the entire process. Why use concrete fence posts? Though […]

Can You Recycle Concrete?

Can You Recycle Concrete?

If you have old or excess concrete, you may be wondering how to get rid of it. Though your first thought may be to dispose of the concrete, you could recycle it instead. Recycling unneeded concrete is a great way to protect the environment and preserve scarce natural resources. In this article, we explore how […]

Concrete Risk Assessments Guide

Volumetric concrete

If you’re an employer getting your staff to prepare and lay concrete, it’s important that risk assessments are carried out to ensure that the job can be done safely. For example, cement-based products such as mortar and concrete can cause serious skin problems, including dermatitis and burns, and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health […]

Why Do Potholes Keep Coming Back?

How Potholes are Formed

Potholes are a scourge to drivers everywhere. In addition to giving road users a nasty jolt, potholes can cause significant damage to vehicles. It seems as though more and more potholes appear every day, which begs the questions: what causes them? And why do they keep coming back? How is a pothole formed? Potholes are […]

What Is Aggregate and Why Is It Used in Concrete?

Foam Concrete

In its simplest form, concrete is the combination of cement and aggregate. The cement is added to the aggregate in its fluid form. As the cement hardens, it binds with the aggregates to produce an extremely tough and resilient material we know as concrete. But what is aggregate exactly? Well, it can be many different […]

What is a Concrete Expansion Joint?

Concrete expands and contracts as it changes temperature. Cracks may form if these changes aren’t managed, leading to a weaker and less attractive concrete. Expansion joints are a common solution to this problem. In this article, find out what expansion joints are, how they work and how they’re used. Need concrete for a project? Call […]