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How do concrete line pumps work?

How do concrete line pumps work?

Concrete line pumps are an essential tool for any construction project that needs to transport and pour concrete fast. In this month’s article, find out exactly how line pumps work and how they can significantly benefit your construction project.  What is a concrete line pump? A concrete line pump is a large machine designed to […]

What happens to Concrete when it freezes?

Total Concrete at Winter Christmas

Here at Total Concrete we are experts with supplying high quality concrete for a range of domestic and commercial needs, across Woking, Guildford, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire and the surrounding areas. We know that it can be tricky laying concrete in winter, but with these hints and tips, you won’t have to worry about your concrete […]

Guide To Pouring Concrete in Hot Weather

total concrete pump truck

The UK is bracing itself for a scorching summer. Temperatures are soaring into the thirties, showing no signs of letting up, so for those of us planning to get stuck into some construction, what effect will the heat have? Pouring concrete in hot weather can be a challenge for the unprepared, but by checking out […]