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Concrete Pricing Guide

Concrete Pricing Guide

If you’ve ever tried to purchase concrete before, you’ve probably noticed that prices vary between mixes and suppliers. This isn’t done to confuse people; it is simply a result of a wide range of variables that impact the final price of a concrete mix. In this article, the Total Concrete team will discuss some of the main contributors to price fluctuations for concrete mixes, so you can start to build a better idea of the overall cost of concrete for your upcoming projects.

Concrete priding guide

Grade and cement content

Typically, stronger concrete mixes are more expensive and this is because of the cement content. Cement is the single most expensive ingredient in a concrete mix, so the stronger the mix, the more cement is required and the higher the price of the mix.

The workability of concrete also has an effect of pricing, the higher the water content of concrete,  the higher the cement content must be, although water is an absolute requirement in the chemical process of concrete curing, it is also the enemy when it comes to concrete strength. The more water that is added to the mix, the weaker the concrete becomes. So when we pump or a high workability mix is required, more cement must be added to the mix to ensure the concrete remains at its desired strength.

Pumping required

If you operate a worksite that’s hard to navigate, you’ll probably need to make use of your concrete supplier’s concrete pumping services. This, naturally, will raise the price of your delivery as you’ll need to factor in the hiring costs associated with these specialist pieces of equipment.

Delivery distance

Suppliers will have to factor in travelling costs to your delivery price. The further the distance between the batching plant and your worksite, the higher the cost.


As with any industry, competition will have a direct impact on the price of a product. This can swing either way: greater competition in a local area could lead to discounted rates, while lack of competition will likely make concrete delivery more of a premium. This will be constantly fluctuating.

Amount of concrete ordered

Obviously, the amount of concrete you order will have a significant influence on the final price. If you’re not sure how much concrete you need for your project, you can use our handy concrete calculator to provide you with an estimate; you can also discuss your project in more detail with our knowledgeable team.

Date of delivery

We are always happy to carry out concrete pours out of hours, like on weekends and nights, but these types of out of hours deliveries do have a slight cost implication. For more information on this, please give a ring, we’ll be happy to discuss this.

Specialist mixes and additives

Sometimes, you’ll require a specific mix of concrete that adds additional characteristics to the final construction. From waterproof concrete to concrete which protects against chemical attack, these specialty mixes will be more expensive than standard grades.

If youre looking for quality concrete for any domestic or commercial construction project, look no further than Total Concrete. With same day and next day delivery available, as well as a range of specialty mixes, were on hand to help you find the right mix for your needs. To arrange delivery direct to your site in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Middlesex and some London Postcodes, simply contact us today.