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How Do I Calculate the Right Amount of Concrete for My Project?

How Do I Calculate the Right Amount of Concrete for My Project?

The age-old dilemma — how much concrete do you really need for that upcoming project? Picture this: you’re halfway through laying your new driveway when you realise you’re running low on concrete. Not an ideal situation, is it? 

You’re not alone. At Total Concrete, we understand that measuring uneven shapes and surfaces is very problematic

And that’s why we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll explain how to accurately calculate the amount of concrete you’ll need, so you’ll never run low again.

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What To Consider When Ordering Concrete?

Before diving into calculations and concrete volume calculators, it’s essential to take these factors into consideration:

  • Type of Project

Whether you’re laying a patio, constructing a garage or building an extension — each project demands a particular type of concrete. Total Concrete offers a large range of concrete strengths to meet your specific needs.

  • Dimensions

Precise width, length and depth will help you calculate the concrete volume with greater accuracy.

  • Wastage Factor

Always factor in a bit extra for spillage, over-excavation or changes in your plan.

  • Lead Time

Concrete isn’t something you can rush-order. Utilising a concrete calendar can ensure you time your orders perfectly and avoid project delays.

How To Calculate Concrete for Your Project

When it comes to calculating the right amount of concrete, you have two options: do the maths yourself or use a concrete calculator.

  • Doing the maths

Volume boils down to a simple(ish) formula:

Volume = Width × Length × Depth

For example, if you’re laying a 10ft by 15ft driveway that needs to be 4 inches deep, the calculation would be:

Volume = 10 × 15 × (4/12) = 50 cubic feet.

In the above example, the 4/12 is necessary to ensure all the dimensions are the same units, in this case: feet.

how to calculate the right amount of concrete for my project


  • Using a Concrete Calculator

If equations aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Our concrete calculator makes everything super easy. Just plug in your dimensions, and voila, you’ll get an estimate of how much concrete you need. It’s as simple as that.

Total Concrete’s Concrete Calculator

Our concrete calculator is designed for accuracy. You don’t need to convert the units yourself, and you’ll still get an accurate output.

Plus, our on-site mixing minimises the chance of over-ordering.

But, if you still find yourself uncertain of how much you need, give our team a call. At Total Concrete, we offer more than just high-grade concrete — we offer peace of mind. From our comprehensive service to our skilled and friendly workforce, we’re ready to bring your project to life. 

Calculate your concrete today.