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How Do You Fix Concrete That Is Too Wet?

How Do You Fix Concrete That Is Too Wet?

The magic of concrete is that each constituent part must be in perfect harmony. Mixing an incorrect ratio of sand, stone, cement and water will yield an inferior product. 

One of the most common errors of the concrete mixing process is the addition of too much water. This simple mistake can lead to a whole host of problems during the curing process and later down the line.

If you’ve added too much water to your concrete mix — don’t worry. There are a few ways to rectify the issue. In this article, we’ll explain the problems that occur when you add too much water to concrete.

What is the role of water in concrete mix?

Dry concrete is made by combining a specific ratio of sand, stone and cement. When water is added to the cement it chemically reacts to form a paste that binds the components together. The water evaporates as the concrete dries, which increases the product’s tensile strength. This process is known as curing.

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The issue of adding too much water

Too much water added to the mix means that excess water is retained inside the concrete after the curing process has finished. This will often result in the formation of small cracks as the water eventually evaporates over time, which reduces the compressive strength of the concrete.

‘Bleeding’ water is another issue with excess water in the concrete mix. This is where water pools on the surface of the drying concrete, which can lead to spalling and cracking on the surface. Not only will this hinder the strength of the concrete, but it will also result in a poor-looking final product.

How can I prevent watery concrete?

There are three remedies for a concrete mix with too much water, depending on the stage it is at.

If the batch is freshly mixed, you can simply add a small amount of dry concrete mix to even out the ratio. Stir the combined mixture around until it has reached the right consistency. Only use a little bit at a time or you might go from a mixture that is too wet to one that is too dry.

If you have already laid the concrete and begun the curing process but you notice bleed water on the surface, try cleaning it up using cloths or draining it with a pump. Unfortunately at this point there is little more you can do; you might need to compromise and expect some degree of weakness from the finished product.

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