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Is Green Concrete Eco-Friendly?

Is Green Concrete Eco-Friendly?

The world is becoming greener each day — and concrete is no exception. Researchers at various universities are finding new ways to develop concrete in line with our global mission to reduce greenhouse gases and protect the environment.

While not truly green by colour, green concrete is still set to make a splash in the coming years as trials of the new technology reach their conclusions. In this article we’ll be explaining what green concrete is and how it aims to revolutionise the way we use concrete.

Is green concrete eco-friendly?

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What is green concrete?

Green concrete refers to concrete that has been designed to minimise the negative effects it has on the environment. Currently, concrete is responsible for approximately 5% of all the world’s carbon emissions, stemming mainly from the large amount of heat required to manufacture the material.

But advancements in concrete manufacturing have found a way to reduce these carbon emissions. There are actually multiple developments happening concurrently, all using different methods to achieve the same outcome.

Currently, research and/or testing is being performed at the University of Bradford, the University of Exeter and at the London-based concrete manufacturer, Novacem, to make a breakthrough in green concrete.

What solutions are being considered?

Scientists at British concrete manufacturer, Novacem, are trialling a concrete that uses magnesium sulphate as a raw material. They claim that the introduction of magnesium sulphate would dramatically reduce the amount of heating needed to manufacture the concrete. Plus, the new form of concrete effectively absorbs CO2 as it hardens. Each tonne of the new material can purportedly absorb up to 0.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Experts from the university of Exeter are looking at using graphene in the concrete as a way to reduce carbon emissions. They claim that the introduction of graphene will reduce the amount of materials required to make concrete by around 50%, resulting in a reduction of 446kg/tonne of carbon emissions.

In addition, these experts claim that this new technique will result in the concrete being over twice as strong and four times as water resistant as existing concrete.

Further, scientists at the university of Bradford are developing ‘demountable’ concrete blocks — environmentally friendly, reusable interlocking blocks that will prevent CO2 from being released into the atmosphere by eliminating the need to destroy it after use.

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