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New Batching Plant Announcement

New Batching Plant Announcement

With the purchase and commissioning of our new batching plant, we are now able to offer a much wider range of concrete types and strengths, as well as custom mix designs. It increases the overall daily delivery capacity of the company by 100%, meaning we can now batch and deliver up to 500m3 per day of concrete if required.

Whether it’s sulphate resisting concrete, hydrocarbon resistant concrete or concrete for piling, we can now provide it all through this investment in infrastructure. Not far from our current plant, the new batching plant means we’ll still be operating from Woking, but with increased capacity for the region’s concrete needs.

The batching plant utilises the very latest design and specifications, allowing us to provide extremely complex and accurate mix designs for our customers. It utilises the state-of-the-art batching technology coupled with new concrete mixers, all of which are fitted with live tracking, giving us the ability to deliver a high level of customer service when it comes to punctuality and delivery times.

Our focus has always been on customer service, and we strive to provide all our customers with a great service through our simple one-call approach to booking a delivery – always delivering excellent, high quality products. We know that keeping your project on schedule is key, which is why we’ve invested in our new plant giving us a greater degree of flexibility and further improving our delivery times.

If you’d like to book a delivery for concrete, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – our new batching plant means we can help more customers than ever.