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What is Foamed Concrete?

What is Foamed Concrete?

We understand the burden of transporting large quantities of concrete. Sure, traditional concrete is strong, resilient and durable — but it’s also heavy. That’s why you should know about foam concrete, an alternative concrete mix that perfectly balances strength with weight. Unlike traditional concrete, foam concrete is mixed with foam to create a low-density, lightweight yet strong product. And that’s just the start of its many, many qualities.

In this article, we let you in on the secret of lightweight concrete. This article will tell you everything you need to know, including its properties, its advantages and its uses.

What exactly is foam concrete?

Foam concrete, also known as aircrete, is a type of lightweight concrete typically made by mixing water, cement and foam. Sand may also be included to make the mix stronger. The different components added to the mix will determine the strength and durability of the concrete. Lightweight foam concrete may also be made using Portland cement, limestone and/or pulverised fly ash.

Foam is just one of many types of alternative concrete mixes. At Total Concrete, we can create the perfect mix to suit your needs.

What are the properties of foam concrete

By using foam in the concrete mixture, the product has all the following properties

  • Low density
  • Lightweight
  • Non-toxic
  • High strength-weight ratio
what is foamed concrete

What is foam concrete useful for?

Foam concrete’s unique properties make it ideal for projects where large quantities of concrete are needed. Its low weight means that it takes less energy and labour to move the concrete between locations. It is also favoured because it is non-toxic, making it an eco-friendly building material.

Some applications of foam concrete include:

  • Panels and blocks for walls
  • Planned and emergency void filling
  • Roof insulation
  • Bridge abutments and repairs
  • Trench reinstatement

How can foam concrete help you?

As previously mentioned, foam concrete is great for when you need to transport concrete between locations. But foam concrete can help in many other ways. The mix offers many advantages over traditional concrete, including:

  • It’s self levelling, making it easier to set up
  • It reduces labour requirements and costs
  • It’s versatile, making it suitable for a variety of applications
  • It also provides insulation, soundproofing and fire resistance, making it a great building material.

Where can you get foam concrete?

Domestic and commercial customers in Guildford, Surrey, Berkshire and the surrounding areas can get foam concrete delivered fast by Total Concrete. Our concrete ordering process is simple, and we offer quick turnarounds and reliable delivery.

Foam concrete is just one of the concrete mixes we provide at Total Concrete. We tailor our mixture to your specific needs at our QSRMC-accredited batching plant, ensuring you get high-quality concrete that works for you. We specialise in on-site mixing, so that there’s no mess, no fuss and no risk of over-ordering.

Get the best bang for your buck with Total Concrete. Contact us today to place your order or for more information.