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Why You Should Always Choose Quality Assured Concrete

Why You Should Always Choose Quality Assured Concrete

In today’s world where cheap options are popular, the concrete industry reminds us that “you get what you pay for.” 

In light of current concrete issues like RAAC and the troubling incidents of crumbling schools, choosing a reputable concrete company with quality assurance has never been more crucial.

At Total Concrete, we stand firmly by the belief that quality should never be compromised. We test our concrete every day for quality purposes, ensuring you get the best concrete for your money.

What is ‘High-Quality’ Concrete?

High-quality concrete is not just a phrase but a standard upheld by concrete specialists worldwide. Organisations like the Quality Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete (QSRMC offer accreditations to companies that meet strict quality guidelines. This accreditation ensures the following:

  • Consistency in mix proportions
  • Durability and strength
  • Optimal performance in varied environmental conditions

By opting for concrete from a QSRMC-certified provider like Total Concrete, you’re making a secure, future-proof investment.

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What Are the Issues With Cheaper Concrete?

When selecting cheaper alternatives, several risks come into play. Let’s break them down:

  • Suboptimal Mix

Cheaper concrete often lacks a balanced blend of ingredients, leading to weaker structures.

  • Limited Lifespan

Low-grade concrete can wear out faster, resulting in frequent concrete repair and a long-term increase in costs.

  • RAAC Concrete

Recently, Reactive Alkali Aggregate Concrete (RAAC), a type of low-quality concrete, has been linked to the deterioration of buildings, including alarming school closures.

  • Environmental Vulnerability

Cheaper concrete often can’t withstand environmental changes and may be susceptible to cracks and structural failure.

For quality concrete you can rely on, get in touch with Total Concrete today!


Why is Quality Assured Concrete a Better Option?

Quality assurance in concrete is not just a luxury but a necessity. Here’s why:

  • Enhanced Durability

Long-lasting concrete reduces the need for constant repairs, saving you time and money in the long run.

  • Greater Structural Integrity

High-grade concrete offers excellent load-bearing capabilities.

  • Safety

Given the troubling issues with RAAC concrete, quality-assured options provide peace of mind against similar catastrophes.

  • Customisation

Companies like Total Concrete specialise in on-site mixing, ensuring that you get the perfect blend for your specific needs.

Call Total Concrete for High-Quality QSRMC Certified Concrete

As a concrete supplier based in Woking and serving Surrey, Guildford and beyond, we at Total Concrete pride ourselves on being a premier source for ready mix concrete. Accredited with QSRMC certification and backed by a team of dependable engineers, choosing us for your next construction project means choosing a commitment to excellence.

Why risk the structural integrity of your project? To ensure your construction project offers safety and longevity, place your order with Total Concrete today.