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How To Transport Concrete Within a Worksite

How to transport concrete within a worksite

Transporting concrete on a worksite is often a complex and time-consuming process. If transported incorrectly, concrete will segregate and effectively become useless, so choosing the wrong method of transportation can be an expensive mistake. That’s why the team at Total Concrete has put together this helpful guide, covering the basics of moving concrete within a […]

How Do You Fix Concrete That Is Too Wet?

Wet concrete piled onto the floor.

The magic of concrete is that each constituent part must be in perfect harmony. Mixing an incorrect ratio of sand, stone, cement and water will yield an inferior product.  One of the most common errors of the concrete mixing process is the addition of too much water. This simple mistake can lead to a whole […]

The History of Concrete

The history of concrete.

Have you ever wondered about the rich history of one of the world’s strongest building materials? Concrete, along with being resilient, cost effective and versatile, also has a long history spanning all the way back to Egyptian times.  Cement, the main component of concrete, can be tracked back even further — 12 million years further. […]

What Type of Concrete is Most Suitable For Your Construction Project?

What type of concrete is most suitable for your construction project

Altering the components or ratio of components in concrete will yield concrete batches with vastly different qualities. Leveraging this can help commercial or domestic users obtain the perfect concrete for their construction project. At Total Concrete, we tailor our concrete batches to the needs of each client. Learn about the different types of concrete used […]

When Do You Need Reinforced Concrete?

when do you need reinforced concrete

Concrete is one the strongest and most resilient surface materials on Earth – and yet there are circumstances where it simply isn’t strong enough. For some tasks, textured steel reinforcements known as ‘rebar’ or ‘rebar mesh’ must be added to the concrete to increase its overall strength.  It may seem strange to imagine a scenario […]

How to Break Concrete

Broken concrete

Concrete is known for being exceptionally strong and durable. While these qualities are great for building bridges and foundations, they’re not so good for breaking concrete apart. Breaking concrete can be tough, but with the right tools, skills and knowledge, it can be made easier. In this article, we explain how to break up concrete […]

What Is Aggregate and Why Is It Used in Concrete?

Foam Concrete

In its simplest form, concrete is the combination of cement and aggregate. The cement is added to the aggregate in its fluid form. As the cement hardens, it binds with the aggregates to produce an extremely tough and resilient material we know as concrete. But what is aggregate exactly? Well, it can be many different […]

Tips For Pouring Concrete In The Rain

Pouring concrete in the rain

In Britain, it rains for an average of 156.2 days every year. This complicates things slightly for the concrete finishers working outside, trying to get their projects completed in good time without being held back. Aside from being unpleasant to work in, rain affects the structural integrity of concrete which can have knock-on effects for […]

Finding the Right Concrete for Your Project

Finding the Right Concrete for Your Project

Any DIY building project comes with a series of important decisions. But is there anything more important than choosing the right concrete mix for your build? Choosing an unsuitable mix can undo all your hard work, leaving you with a concrete construction which is too weak to last. But how do you know which concrete […]

How to Lay a Concrete Shed Base

Building a new shed is a great summer project to work on — but before you can start thinking about getting the shed itself in place, you’ve got to make sure you’re working on a strong, sturdy foundation. In this guide, we’re looking at the steps you need to take to lay a concrete shed […]